2019 World Team Member : Victoria Francis

On August 31st of 2018, it was announced that Victoria Francis tested positive for a prohibited substance (she explains what happened below) and accepted a one-year sanction for her violation. The test was from March 6th, so up until March 6th of 2019, she was unable to compete.

While many people would give up knowing they must put their hopes and dreams on hold, for an entire year, or at least slack off a little more, Victoria stayed the course and trusted the process. She recently made the 2019 World Team after a phenomenal performance at Final X: Rutgers.

We reached out and asked Victoria a couple of questions to let you get to know our World Team Member better.


What has been your biggest accomplishment in wrestling?

I’d have to say making the 2019 World Team.

Why did (your answer above) mean so much to you?

The year leading up to it was full of hardships I had to overcome, mostly related to my USADA sanction which was the result of me taking a supplement that turned out to be contaminated with an illegal substance. The sanction and moving from the Olympic Training Center to Maryland where I had nearly zero network made training very difficult.

What characteristics of yours have helped you most in your journey to getting to where you are today?

Stubbornness, which makes me resilient. I refuse to quit, I refuse to be outworked.

What are your goals in wrestling?

To be the best wrestler I can be which stems from my goal of being the best person I can be.

Where/what do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

Winning 2024 Olympic Gold.

What do you want your story to show wrestlers that look up to you?

That obstacles cannot be avoided when you have big dreams. But you are tougher than your hardships and those hardships make reaching your goals just that much sweeter.

Favorite food?

Green tea Kit Kats. All research has shown that a bag of GTKK and myself cannot exist in the same room for more than 10 minutes.

Coolest thing you’ve done (non wrestling related)?

I worked at a Boy Scout camp for 4 years during high school & college and it was such an enriching and fun experience. I was a climbing and C.O.P.E. (team building and high ropes course) instructor and I have lifelong friends that I met at that camp (including my husband).

Favorite TV show?

The Office.

Favorite movie?

Booksmart is my recent fave, but all-time would be Lilo and Stitch.

Aside from wrestling what is your best talent/skill? 

I’ve taught myself graphic design over the past year and enjoy making posters for wrestlers and events. I think it’s a cool way to give back to the community.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to watch Victoria compete at the 2019 World Championships which are kicked off on September 14th. If you’d like to know more about Victoria, you can find her on Instagram here.