From Life in Cuba to Double Fargo Champ

The story of Anthony Echemendia

As a lot of people know from either being at Fargo or just seeing Anthony’s stories on social, last year he took a journey from Cuba to the United States to find the best opportunity for him possible. With this came lots of struggles, like not having any guidance on his trip, not having enough food, and being put in a political asylum for two months and twenty days. After going through all of this, he was finally able to get to the U.S. and go to school at Sunnyside high school, where he ended up winning a state title. A few days ago, he won both freestyle and greco stop signs at Fargo… and he says he’s never even wrestled a greco tournament before. This has been the most motivational, intriguing, and inspiring stories I’ve ever heard, so I reached out to ask him a few more questions.

What was the hardest part in your journey from Cuba to the US?

Anthony: “The hardest part of my trip was when I was crossing the borders.”

What is the biggest difference from Cuba to the US?

Anthony: ” Cuba and the United States have many differences because Cuba is an underdeveloped country and has many economic needs but people there are happy even if they have nothing. Cubans see the United States as the country of opportunity. “

What characteristics of yours have helped you most in your journey to getting to where you are today?

Anthony: “What helped me the most to get where I am today was my passion for the struggle and support of my family and coaches.”

What are your goals in wrestling?

Anthony: “My goals in the end are to become both a world and Olympic champion.”

Where/what do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

Anthony: “In 5 years I hope to be representing the United States, it’s the best country in the world.”

What do you want your story to show wrestlers that look up to you?

Anthony: “Like my story, I want to show the fighters that there is no difficult challenge, everything you set your mind to do is possible if you work hard. With that mindset, the limit is heaven.”

Favorite food?

Anthony: “Cuban food.”

Coolest thing you’ve seen in Cuba?

Anthony: “The beaches. And the women are very pretty too.”

How do you like school in the United States?

Anthony: “The school in the United States is very advanced and I find it interesting to study to learn new cultures and increase my intellectual level.”

Favorite TV show?

Anthony: “I watch a lot of sports news channels.”

Favorite movie?

Anthony: “The Lion King.”

If you could pick one college to wrestle for, who would it be?

Anthony: “Any school that competes at a high level has great things to offer me.”

Aside from wrestling what is your best talent/skill?

Anthony: “Apart from wrestling I like wrestling Greco…”