Wrestling Books

I created this page to share some of the best resources for wrestlers I’ve come across throughout my high school and college careers. Honestly, I didn’t read my first book (outside of school) until I was a sophomore in college, but whether you are a reader or not, these books will help you improve you mindset, attitude, and they will teach you many important life lessons.

Psycho-Cybernetics: Updated and Expanded

If you are a wrestler, this is a must buy. It’s the most powerful book I’ve read. When I was reading this book, each chapter felt like I was unlocking a part of my mindset in wrestling. Nate Carr (A 3X NCAA Champ) mentioned this book as life changing in one of his interviews, and I can honestly say I totally agree.

The Energy Bus. Such a simple concept, but this one had such a large impact on my wrestling team. I read this one with a group of guys and coaches when I wrestled at La Crosse, and it is such a damn simple concept but had such a big impact on how I looked at life and on the overall energy in our wrestling room.

The Power of Habit

The Power Of Habit is a book I just completed, but I really enjoyed every bit of it. This book shows you tons of different examples of how successful people and companies were able to build habits. It helped me to reflect a lot on why some things I tried in my past worked, and some didn’t.

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